Welcome to Tinsel Town: A Christmas Adventure

Introducing 'Welcome to Tinsel Town' – A Christmas Adventure

Episode Notes

Imagine a magical world where it's Christmas every day. It really exists and it's called Tinsel Town!

"Welcome to Tinsel Town" is out now!

Holly, an eight year old girl who has fallen out of love with Christmas, finds herself transported to Tinsel Town, a magical realm where they celebrate Christmas every day. Now she needs to find the mythical Christmas star in order to solve the mystery of her transportation or risk being caught in Tinsel Town forever. Meanwhile, the residents of Tinsel Town begin to notice something troubling since Holly arrived. In a whirlwind adventure with help from wacky characters and Tinsel Town’s festive landmarks, Holly learns how her Grandmother’s secret legacy might just be key to this riddle.

Welcome to Tinsel Town is a Christmas podcast for the whole family. This serialized audio drama takes kids and parents on an adventure of seven episodes. Suitable for all ages. Welcome to Tinsel Town is the best Christmas podcast of the Holiday season!